Cloud Nine Therapy, A Special Place For Special Kids

Cloud Nine Therapy is a place for kids where they get their medical checkup and treatments done. We are providing our services in the vicinity of Suburbs and Blacktown. Our aim is to provide a better life to those kids who are born with physical and mental disabilities. We want to cater kids and wanted to make a hospital for them as we see around there are unlimited hospitals who cater everyone but there is no one who only targets kids and mainly special kids. So, we came up with this idea and opened a hospital for kids with the name of Cloud Nine Therapy.

Cloud Nine Clinic:

Following are the services that we are offering under the banner of Cloud Nine.

  • Therapy for Sensory Challenges:

We offer therapies for sensory challenged children. It means that there are kids who have issue and react badly when somebody touch them or they react abnormally to the senses like touching, smelling, earing etc.

  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy:

Some kids face issues regarding learning. They are reluctant to learn new things as they have low energy and do not want to mingle with other kids. They face difficulties in adjusting new environment. They react or not at all react to things that has been going on in their surroundings. Parents feel that their baby is doing it intentionally because they have no idea that there is some issue with them which leads them to behave in a particular way. We treat such kids via occupational therapy.

  • Development Delays:

In most of the cases, at the time of birth it is not diagnosed that a baby is abnormal. When they reach to a certain age like 3-4 months then all the abnormalities started seeing. They can’t hold their neck on time and couldn’t achieve their milestones on time. IT could get better with medicines and physiotherapies if there is no major issue with the kids.

  • Feeding Issues:

It is a common issue people come to us as that their baby doesn’t like having food. Whatever they give to them they spit out which affects their health, personality and other developments. Parents get worried and try to solve their issue by different methods.

  • Autism:

Kids who have an issue of autism are no doubt very talented kids. The problem with them is that they do no tackle a few situations and start panicking. Anything triggers them. A loud noise, screaming, somebody scolding them anything.

In short, we have solution to all the issues that kids face. We try to resolve their problems if it is treatable and curable. So, if your kids have some issue then contact us as we have a team of experienced doctors who care for your kids.