The Main Objectives Of A Psychologist While Counselling A Patient

Mind plays an important role in the functioning of the whole body. We know that it is the mind that gives order to the whole body to function in a proper way and even a minute uncertainty in mind can result in the abnormal actions. Besides the biological reasons, mind has a certain connection with the soul of a person as well. The whole body and soul of a person gets to be in peace when the mind is in peace and stabilized. We do not need to emphasize anymore to the importance of mind peace and mind stabilization because we are already well aware about this. The field of medicine has developed so much that there is a treatment and cure for every possible health issue. This field of medicine can be categorized into various branches depending upon the part of a body. One such branch of medicine is known as a psychology which deals with the mental health of a person. In this article, we will be discussing about the main objectives of a psychologist in Burwood while counselling a patient.


Psychology is the branch of medicine which deals with the mental health of a person. As the name implies itself; “Psyche” identifies the mind or mental health and “logy” means the study of. So, psychology is the study of mind or mental health. People often confuse psychology with psychiatry. Even though both of these medical branches deal with the mindset of a person but still there are some major differences between the two. Psychiatry treats the mental condition of a patient by the use of medication or drugs. On the other hand, psychology involves the therapeutic techniques or counselling sessions to treat a mental condition. Psychology can also be categorized under the heading of holistic medicine along with the kinesiology. Psychology and kinesiology aims at the reformation of a human body by the process of therapy and counselling.

The main objectives of a psychologist while counselling a patient:

A psychologist is a person who is well educated and well informed about the field of psychology even though he does not have the degree of MBBS but still he is mastered in his own field. There are certain objectives which a psychologist has to fulfil during his counselling sessions with the patient. First of all, he should provide such an environment to the patient that he would be able to discuss openly. Then he should make him comfortable enough to elaborate his feelings. After that, a psychologist predicts the personality of a patient and then tries to find a solution to his problems.


A psychologist is the person who is experienced and acknowledged enough to deal with the mental health of the people. They try to make the patient talk about the problem which has been disturbing him. There are certain objectives which the psychologist aims at fulfilling during his counselling sessions. “Serenity holistic healing” offers the best services of psychologist. Browse this website to find out more details.