Why You Shouldn’t ‘Google’ Your Symptoms

World Wide Web gives us all access to a vast amount of data. Information about any topic can be obtained in lightening speed today. More and more people are educating themselves about things that interest them and things that bother them now. So most of us who have quick access to the internet are indeed ‘guru’s in one field or another! But those who turn to the internet to find information about their sicknesses certainly need to take great care. The article below tells you why.

Unreliability of information

Yes there are plenty of reliable websites on the internet but there are also quite a few unreliable sites. If you make the mistake of reading about your illness in a website that doesn’t provide accurate information, you will most likely misdiagnose yourself. Even in the websites that provide accurate information quite often the worst case scenarios are vividly described. You will naturally start panicking when you read about these extreme cases. So resist the urge to ‘Google’ everything.

You might worry unnecessarily

Your smart phone is always in your hand so you always have access to the vast amount of information that the internet offers. So whenever you fall sick, you can always check to see if your illness is a life threatening one. This search itself can be rather scary! You will most likely worry unnecessarily as there are plenty of self appointed ‘experts’ out there handing out ill judged medical advice. So instead of trying to diagnose yourself, go to a good doctor. If you are worried about crusty skin, go to a skin cancer check up Southport. If you are worried about chronic headaches, go to your family doctor at your earliest possible convenience. Good doctors use a series of methods to diagnose an illness properly. They don’t use Google for that for a reason!

You might not worry enough

Yes, you might worry unnecessarily if you are a pessimist. But you will not worry as much as you should if you are an optimist. You will try to find information on the internet that suggests your condition is a manageable one. So you will comfortably assume that you are safe and that you have nothing to worry about. Always make sure you get yourself checked by your doctor if you have any concern. Go for a skin check if you are worried about the condition of your skin. Get your dentist’s opinion about your aching tooth. Google can offer you direction, but nothing more.

Your doctor knows best

Doctors are experts in the field of medicine. They are called doctors because they have studied medicine for years. They have read books, sat for examinations and have attended to thousands of patients who have similar illnesses like you. So they really do know more than you!